Sciatica massage

Sciatica can feel debilitating and really effect our enjoyment of life over time.

Sensitively applied deep-tissue massage can quickly and effectively help to relieve the pain and address the root cause, which is often simply where muscular tension has pinched the nerve. Thai massage is particularly effective because working through clothing allows the therapist to work deep into the hip and buttock muscles using rhythmic palm, thumb and/or elbow pressure. The strength of the treatment is always working just within your comfort zone, (Thai massage should never be painful) so although it is strong and effective, you will be able to relax through it and even enjoy it! Pressure is applied slowly, allowing the therapist to feel what is just the right pressure for you, each and every time pressure is applied.

A sciatica focused treatment is a 1 hour treatment, usually performed with you lying on your side, supported by cushions.

If your lifestyle involves sitting at a desk, or a lot of driving, you will also be offered some gentle and accessible stretches to help avoid your sciatica recurring.