The power of abdominal massage

One of the first times I performed an abdominal massage as a student my friend had a very intense reaction. Shortly after the ten minute focused palpation of the abdominal energy points, my friend was overcome by a tidal wave of emotions that she could not explain. These emotions overflowed until she finally felt a deep sense of peace and relief that we experience after a really big sob. The massage had touched something within her that had been held tightly for some time within her digestive system and through touch, this energy or emotion was able to let go and find a way out of her.

This was my first experience of the power of bodywork and a huge inspiration as to the potential depth and breadth of Thai massage and what can appear like a purely physical therapy. The belly in particular is an incredibly sensitive area – all of the energy lines run through it and it is commonly an area where we hold emotion.

Over the years I come across these responses with clients. I believe that we are not conscious minds living in physical vessels but integrated beings – a complex mesh of thoughts, feelings, intuition, senses… none of which can be separated from the other. I hope that my Thai massage practice can help us to experience more fully our whole.