Learn Thai Massage

Learn to give a 50 minute Thai Yoga Massage in just one day.

An excellent opportunity to gain an understanding of (and feeling for) Thai yoga massage. The sequence is designed for beginners and the day programme allows ample time to consolidate and recap.

“Everything was spot on, such a lovely lady, great teacher and answered all my questions along the way! Perfect! Thank you so much for such a great and educational day!” O. Wilson, January 2020.

Workshop includes:

  • 50 minute sequence: simple and effective techniques for use with family and friends.
  • The benefits of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage.
  • Guidance for
  • Guidance for posture, breathing, self care and contraindications
  • Illustrated course book and guided demonstrations.
  • History, philosophy, self care and contraindications.

Bev has taught Thai massage introductory days in the UK as well as taught at a spa in Bintan, Indonesia. She also has over 500hrs of experience assisting senior teachers of the Sunshine Network on diploma training.

Thai massage is a practice to connect with our highest self, develop metta (loving kindness) and ignite the spiritual flame.

Thai massage training

Thai massage is a beautiful treatment to learn and to give. It is an energy based bodywork encompassing gentle yoga stretches, rhythmic pressure along energy lines and acupressure.

For a practitioner, Thai massage helps us to connect with our higher self, the techniques also naturally help us to become more aware of our own body and the postures are great to give; the use of bodyweight and the movements that are synchronised with the breath, provide a meditative experience for both giver and receiver.

For therapy centres

It is a great treatment to offer as it has a strong yogic philosophy behind it, it can be deeply therapeutic and it also offers something different being an therapeutic floor-based treatment, which is performed through clothing.

Training is always tailored to your needs. I would discuss your requirements with you and come up with a plan to cater to your requirements.

  • 1:1 or large groups
  • Beginner’s or experienced massage therapists
  • I can travel to you