Traditional Thai massage, from £45
A holistic and therapeutic energy-based treatment.  Combines rhythmic pressure with gentle,  stretches that open your entire body and soothes your mind and spirit. Thai massage opens the body, restoring balance, which can help the body to heal and prevent dis-ease. Every treatment is unique and tailored to your needs; mindful touch responds constantly to each contact with your body.

Thai Fusion Oil Massage, from £50
This East meets West, luxurious treatment combines ancient traditional Thai massage techniques with well known Swedish massage. A deeply effective, tailored massage, always responding to your needs in each moment. Beverley has trained extensively in traditional Thai massage in Thailand and the UK and also qualified in Swedish massage, this is a ‘best of both’ relaxing and indulgent treat for your mind and body.

Thai pregnancy massage, from £45
A pampering massage that relieves pregnancy aches and pains. Thai massage can be really beneficial for both mum and baby. Pregnancy is a time of immense change and often it can be hard to find much time to just be, go inwards and give our love and presence to our baby. Thai massage can create a wonderful space and opportunity for this time. You will be totally taken care of and we’ll use lots of cushions to ensure your comfort throughout.

Thai foot massage, £35 for 60 minutes
A foot massage can be an excellent way to bring more presence, warmth, blood flow and energy to your feet. An oil based treatment for your feet and lower legs working on energy lines and acupressure points, which stimulate your internal organs. Deeply relaxing.

Thai abdominal massage, £40 for 60 minutes
A gentle but therapeutic massage that gently stimulates and detoxes your abdomen encouraging good digestion and increased energy flow for a healthy gut – crucial to our our overall well-being. Abdominal massage can be deeply releasing and effective, with numerous potential benefits. The abdomen is where many people may store tension and stress.