Thai foot massage

A focused foot massage can be an excellent way to bring more presence, warmth, blood flow and energy to your feet.

If you find you spend a lot of time ‘in your head’ then bringing your focus down to your feet can bring a sense of calm and some space from unnecessary thinking.

Thai foot massage also work reflex points, which stimulate your internal organs and includes a therapeutic massage of the energy lines in your lower legs, encouraging the flow of energy throughout the body. The stimulation of organs and energy lines aims to support the body’s normal functions and therefore encourage the body to stay healthy as part of a preventative approach to your health.

Thai yoga massage begins with a foot massage, opening, stretching and massaging the feet as a way to say ‘hello’ to and relax your body. I can extend the full body treatment with a more in-depth, longer focus on your feet if we feel this would be beneficial.

  • Thai foot massage – 60 minutes – £35 (allow 75 minutes)

See the contact page all treatment times and prices.

Client feedback
“I have just experienced my first thai foot massage from Bev. It was an incredibly relaxing expereience and interesting too. I could feel different sensations in each of the pressure points and tingles going all the way up my legs… so know it was doing me good! I would highly recommend this to anyone.”


I have been lucky enough to have received a Thai foot massage from Bev a few times now and each time have found it to be an amazingly relaxing experience, I have often arrived feeling lethargic and a bit stressed, then left relaxed, refreshed and energised!. I can’t recommend the experience enough!


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