Freeform dance

A dance group for people who simply love to move to music.

NEXT DATE: Friday 2nd September, 7:30 – 9:30 pm All Saints Hall, Whitstable.

dance-movement-optimised£5 suggested minimum donation to hall costs and then the rest to Franklin’s Star – brain tumour research.

Freeform dance can be fantastic exercise and amazing stress relief. You can do as little as you like, or go nuts. There are no rules or guidance, everyone’s experience is unique and dance is a creative expression.

Dancing gives you some time to switch off your mind and drop down and enjoy the fullness of your body sensations. Enjoy moving in your own way and hey, if you want to stand still, lie down, have a stretch, sit for a bit that’s fine too. There are no taught steps or techniques, in fact there is only one thing to remember: within the pantswinging space a wrong move or groove is COMPLETELY impossible. All movements and stillness are welcome.

The music will start slower and build up and then slow down again so that your body can naturally warm up and down during the session. (It’s good to arrive a little early and settle into the space, feel free to lie down, stretch etc.) At the end there will be a short guided body scan meditation, it can be easier to enjoy the stillness of mind after movement of your body.

The music will aim to cover a wide range of tastes, genres and eras, so please come with an open mind!

The space will be softly lit. Wear whatever you’re most comfortable to move about in. And please bring a bottle of water. …and finally don’t worry if you feel nervous at first, everybody does to begin with. 🙂

Over 16s – great for adults of all ages!

(An alcohol and drug free event.)

Join the Facebook group to keep updated with times and places – and to request tunes!

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