FAQ – why is Thai Massage 2 hours long?

A full body Thai massage can last anything up from 1.5 – 4 hours. It can be purely for relaxation or a therapeutic treatment.

Thai massage does not follow a set sequence, every treatment is unique and tailored to your body. The traditional 2 hour timing allows your therapist time to focus on areas that need more attention and have time to give a thorough and deep treatment to the whole person at a pace that is relaxing, whilst listening and adjusting the treatment to your body.

It may be that your symptoms are in your shoulders, but actually the root cause starts elsewhere, so even if you have a shoulder pain, having the luxury of time allows a therapist to soothe the symptoms and treat the causes.

You will be surprised how quickly 2 hours go, it’s so lovely to take this time for yourself and go on a two hour journey, connecting with every part of your body.

Shorter massages can always be given, because if fitting a 2 hour treatment into your schedule creates stress then there is no point! However, a 2 hour treatment is recommended if time and money will allow.

The time you pay for is reserved entirely for your massage, the consultation beforehand is free.