Diploma Training

Metta College presents an accredited Diploma Level Certificate Course in the traditional art of Thai yoga massage, based in the heart of London affiliated by the ICNM and Embody.The course starts Spring 2018 and runs over six weekends during one year. It includes intensive practical and theoretical training, practice days and a written piece on Thai yoga massage. There are 30 case studies to complete. The course culminates in a practical and theoretical examination.At the end of the course you will be able to give a full-body massage treatment to practitioner standard. The syllabus below will include plenty of time for practice.


  • Day 1 – Energy line system and feet. An introduction to the background & theory of traditional Thai Yoga Massage & the energy line system. Learning to massage the feet & ankle stretches.
  • Day 2 – Energy lines on the leg. Palming & thumbing energy lines of inside/outside.
  • Day 3 – Single leg stretches. Applied yoga stretches and acupressure on energy lines of leg.
  • Day 4 – Double leg stretches. Applied yoga stretches and acupressure on legs, hips and back.
  • Day 5 – Abdomen, chest, arms and hands. Energy lines & acupressure on abdomen, chest, arms, hands.
  • Day 6 – Side position. Acupressure points and energy lines on legs with patient lying on their side. Side and arm stretches and spinal twist.
  • Day 7 – Questions, review, practice, contraindications and client care.
  • Day 8 – Back of the body. Acupressure points and energy lines on the back, plus back stretches.
  • Day 9 – Sitting position. Arm and back stretches. Massaging head, neck and shoulders.
  • Day 10 – Face. Massage and acupressure points of the face, guidelines to structuring a whole body massage
  • Day 11 – The 10 Sen theory. Getting familiar with the Ten Sen lines (names, locations & therapeutic qualities). Comparison of different Eastern traditions, basic therapies to treat headache, knee and lower back pain.
  • Day 12 – Practice and guidance. Practice of whole body massage under supervision and preparing for case studies and examinations.

Upon completion of the syllabus and prior to taking the examinations, students will be required to do and write up 30 case studies of full body massage. This will be followed by an examination in theory and practice.

Principle tutor: Amy Ku Redler

Assistance: Beverley Bowman and Dev Basu

Cost: £995 plus course manual and examination £175

Please quote code: KTM


  • 28–29 Apr 18
  • 5–6 May 18
  • 26–27 May 18
  • 30 Jun – 1 Jul
  • 16–17 Sep 18
  • 29–30 Sep 18
  • Exam TBC