A choice of bodywork, tailored to your individual needs, every time.

A therapeutic energy-based treatment. Go on a journey, connecting with your body and yourself. Restores balance and support your body’s natural self healing and regeneration. Discover grounding and empowerment through your body. From £50.

Do you have health issues you just can’t seem to get to the root of? Through combining mindful touch and the science of root cause health, we’ll explore the needle in the haystack that keeps your symptoms into chronic. From £50.

Feel pampered and relieve pregnancy aches and pains. Thai massage can be really beneficial for both mum and baby. You will be totally taken care of and we’ll use lots of cushions to ensure your comfort throughout. From £50.

A therapeutic massage that gently stimulates and detoxes your abdomen encouraging good digestion and increased energy flow for a healthy gut – crucial to our our overall well-being. Deeply releasing and effective. From £50.

Root cause health session

If you’d like to understand the ‘why’ behind your symptoms, book a free 20 minute consultation to explore how a root cause health session could help your body self heal.