Body and mind

I believe that through reconnecting with our bodies we can experience life more fully, in harmony with our emotions and act and speak more from our hearts and instincts. The body had a wisdom and knowing.

Living more fully is about living with all aspects of ourselves  – the joy and sadness. But by living fully we experience all emotions in a healthy way that they pass through us and out.

I want to help connect people more deeply to their bodies. To help people become aware of, explore and give space and kindness to energetic blockages within.

I have spent over 20 years fascinated by the mind-body connection and how we are conditioned to perceive them as two separate entities.

My journey began when I studied sculpture – my focus was how we relate to our environment through our bodies; expressive visual arts that connect us to the body such as finger painting and meditative mandalas; developing my meditation practice; a personal experience of body psychotherapy; and not forgetting the discovery of Thai massage, which has been a gift to my life.

My personal experience (and that of working with clients) is that connecting the body and mind as one can have a profound effect on the quality of our lives and our relationships with ourselves and others. We live in a culture where value is places on knowledge, logic, thoughts, the mind… and we tend to spend a lot of time living in our heads. (I know I have!) Connecting more with our bodies – and therefore of course our hearts, gut instincts etc., can bring about a more balanced and beautiful experience of being in the world. That’s not to say this is a quick or easy journey – but well worth it.