Thai abdominal massage

Abdominal massage is commonly missed out during many types of massage. It’s very much a part of Thai yoga massage – the abdomen is a sensitive and emotional area of the body; all of the energy lines cross through the abdomen and it is where many people store tensions and emotions. Please read about my first experience massaging the abdomen. Within a full body massage, the abdomen is gently and mindfully massaged through clothing.

Good digestion and energy flow through the tummy area is key to our mental and physical well-being, so abdominal massage can be deeply releasing and effective, with numerous potential benefits:

  • Detoxify the organs
  • Improve blood flow and get stagnant energy flowing again
  • Alleviate lower back problems and improve posture
  • Improve sleep quality and energy levels
  • Improve excretion
  • Increase depth of breath

I also offer a focused abdominal massage using oil. This can be a standalone treatment although I would recommend that this follows or is integrated with a full body treatment so that I have an holistic understanding of your needs beforehand.

Thai abdominal massage with oil works through tensions and blockages in the layers of the abdomen: skin, fascia, muscles, organs and energy, always working at the depth that is appropriate for your body. It is a 1 hour treatment, working with the natural rhythm of your breath. The treatment may also involve some work on the chest and leg areas through clothing.

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