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Thai massage is an ancient art and a beautiful practice that helps balance and restore the flow of energy throughout the body and mind. Thai massage can be deeply relaxing and healing. Through a treatment client and therapist explore any tensions and stuck energy, which can cause dis-ease in the body and mind. Working with the breath, gentle opening stretches, rhythmic pressure and mindful listening touch these blockages can begin to receive the attention they crave and help them to soften and release, bringing about calm, peace and well-being. 

Thai massage is traditionally performed through clothing on a soft futon mat. Find out more about what Thai massage is like…

Introductory Offer – 30 mins Free

Book a full body Thai yoga massage and receive an extra 30 minutes free.


“I have been searching in the UK for the last 3 years to find somebody that can give an authentic Thai massage and thankfully found Bev!”
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